If you want to apply for the H-1B work visa (also known as H1b 签证)application for the 2019 fiscal year in April, your preparation must begin!

In recent years, the demand for H-1B has been growing steadily. In 2016, only about 36% of applicants became the lucky winners to win the lottery (also known as h1b抽签) . Winning the lottery is based on luck but the complicated preparation work is not, so From finding an employer who is eligible to apply for a work visa to your sponsor, to negotiate with the employer for details of the position, salary, etc., and then submit the materials (also known as h1b 签证材料), win lottery, wait for approval results, and finally come into effect, this long process may become your 2019 The most profound memories of life in the year.

This article will help you understand the important time and main steps of all H-1B applications, so that your 2019 H-1B application(also known as h1b 2019)  has an optimal start!


Do a good job in research

Looking for an employer

H-1B does not allow individuals to apply, only employers are eligible to apply, so finding at least one employer with qualifications is the most important prerequisite for the entire H-1B work visa. In order to increase the chance of winning the lottery, you can find multiple employers to apply for H-1B at the same time!

Confirm current wage standards

According to the current H-1B approval requirements, the wages of foreign employees must reach the average level of the same industry in the region. This is the prevailing wage. Employers who apply for H-1B for you must ensure that after H-1B becomes effective on October 1, your salary must be paid to the current salary standard.

Communicate with the employer

The latest time to communicate with your employer about the possibility of H-1B application is January, the required materials, and whether the salary meets the current salary standard.

Especially for small and medium-sized companies, if the company does not have experience in applying H-1B, it is necessary to communicate with the company in advance and give the company sufficient time to understand the entire application process and prepare employer application materials. If you find that the company can’t apply for you, you can give yourself enough time to find other job opportunities.


Prepare application materials and complete LCA application

Employers and employees prepare application materials

The materials required for the H-1B application include:

As beneficiary, you need to prepare:

  1. Such as personal identification documents (passports, etc.)
  2. Proof of degree
  3. Transcript
  4. If a person submits an H-1B application for automatic status conversion in the United States, it is necessary to prepare proof of identity in the United States such as valid F-1, I-20, etc.

As an employer, you need to prepare:

  1. Company introduction
  2. Business scope
  3. Size of the company
  4. Financial capabilities and other related information


Normally, all H-1B application packages should be delivered on the first day of the immigration open application, which is April 1.


The regular quota for H-1B is 65,000 per year, and there are 20,000 advanced degree places with a master’s degree or higher. The lottery process is for the master’s degree and above applicants to take 20,000 of the first place. If not, the other applicants (undergraduate students, etc.) will be drawn 65,000 places.

Between April 1 and April 7, 2016, the Immigration Bureau received a total of 236,000 H-1B applications. The deadline has not yet reached

Under normal circumstances, the Immigration Bureau will complete the random sampling process in mid-April. once you receive the receipt notice of the immigration office or find that the immigration bureau has already charged the application fee, it shows that you have been lucky to be drawn!


Long H-1B waiting

The draw does not mean that the H-1B is in the hand. In fact, the review process has just begun. If you only draw your materials, you will be eligible to be tried. If you are not drawn, the immigration office will not be returned directly. Applicants who have not drawn the applicant’s application will be returned by ordinary post in April-July.

Under normal circumstances, the approval time of H-1B is about 3 months. Many small partners will receive the results of the immigration process in July-August. If you were asked for RFE (Required for Evidence), it may take until September or October.

Of course, if you choose to pay an expedited processing fee of $1,225, you will get the result within 15 days. If there is no result for more than 15 days, the immigration office will refund the expedited fee. Therefore, the applicant who chooses this service can get the H-1B trial result as early as the first half of May after the signing.

October 1

H-1B takes effect

Under normal circumstances, the trial partners can start working as H-1!

Didn’t get the results after October 1st? Then wait patiently, wait…

However, it should be noted that if the result is not obtained at this time, the applicant who has expired OPT needs to stop working from October 1. Applicants in this category can stay in the United States for pending results but must work legally after H-1B becomes effective.