The legal billing software captures the expenses as well as time all in one moment, the moment they occur. You can track time regarding several matters on a hectic day. You can also flag the forthcoming events such as tasks and meetings as billable. It is particularly helpful when the issues involve sending bills, expenses and the time of the current period to the invoices. The bills are sent timely, and your legal practice becomes better with a more significant cash flow along with enhanced profit. All this can happen just with a single click. This software makes it simple and convenient to add letterhead, logos, individual messages, and also add the customer touches to make sure that the clients recognize the invoices and also make the payments quickly. The invoices, the reminders, and the notices are all processed just with a simple click. Producing the bills becomes very easy. As the invoices become ready, they can be printed or emailed with another single click.

Importance of the billing software

  • Multitasking without losing track – It keeps track of your work efficiently and also records the time. It can also track the non-billable entries for monitoring the efficiency and performance of the law firm.
  • The billable time is not restricted to the daily tasks in the office – The software is perfect whether you are in the court, office, and in-transit.
  • Link the time entries to the cases directly – You do not have to worry about taking out the numbers from memory. It connects the time entries to the cases instantly and consolidates the billed hours into the invoices effortlessly and makes sure the clients billing is done for the right amount without putting any additional effort.

Built-in functions

Payment is considered revenue and not billing. Every legal office faces the problem of slow-paying and non-paying clients. This is the reason why using the billing software can improve your efforts of collections without taking an administrative headache. These invoices generated by the software are easier for the clients to understand. In just a single click, you can personalize the overdue invoice notices. The software has the option of a credit card that makes it easier for the clients to make payment. Payments made via the credit cards are a great comfort for the clients. The clients enjoy the convenience of legal fees payment through the credit card, and in this context, it offers great comfort to the clients.