Dentists registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and face allegations of impairment of fitness to practice, are likely to be referred to the council’s Practice Committees.  GDC will conduct an investigation and decide a dentist’s fitness to practice that could lead to a suspension or deletion of the dentist’s name from the dental register. If you are aware of an investigation carried by the GDC against you, you must contact a GDC defence solicitor from Blackfords LLP to make sure you get legal advice and representation. You can expect the solicitor to help you with the following:

Giving Responses to the Case

If somebody files a complaint about you to the GDC, the latter will inform you in writing. If such complaints will require an investigation, the council will ask you to respond to the complaint in writing through the Case Examiners of the GDC. Once the right department gets your response, they will decide whether or not your case must be referred to Practice Committee for more considerations. You can only prepare your response if you get expert advice from a barrister. You want to ensure your case will end soon and that you avoid further investigations and devastating decisions. A reputable solicitor should be able to give dentists with representations to the council and do their best to put an end to the cause without the need for a hearing. The lawyer should help them put together a strong response to the complaint.

Having Legal Representation at IOC Hearings

A lot of dentists who are under GDC investigations are summoned to a hearing before the Interim Orders Committee (IOC). The hearing can lead to the imposition of restrictions to a dentist’s registration while the investigation is going on. While the dentist can stay in place for some months, the imposed restrictions can negatively impact their ability to work. Expert specialist defence lawyers must have many years of experience of defending dentists at such hearings. They may do their thing on their own or seek the help of other lawyers in their field. They work hard to reduce the effect of the hearing on their client’s professional and even personal life.

Having Legal Representation at Practice Committee Hearings

In case the Case Examiner at GDC decides the potential of a Practice Committee to find the fitness to practice of a dentist impaired, they will then refer the case to such committee. Ultimately, the fate of the dentist’s registration lies in the hands of the Practice Committee. Whether a dentist is referred to the Health Committee (HC), Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) or Professional Performance Committee (PPC), the experience of an excellent lawyer can help him get the most favorable outcome.

In case your fitness to practice is challenged at the GDC, you must get expert advice and assistance when preparing for the hearing. Also, they need to have a strong representation at the hearing. The right lawyer should be able to help dentists through what can usually be a distressing experience.