Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, being in dispute over a property that you either live in or own can be a traumatising time for all concerned. The assistance of professional legal advice from solicitors with expertise in the area of landlord and tenant disputes should never be underestimated. It is important that if you are involved in a landlord/tenant dispute, you have the legal backing and support that can help you reach a resolution that suits you.

Renting a property is an advantage to many people, due to a temporary requirement for accommodation in a certain city or area due to work or educational commitments, as a longer plan to save money in order to eventually buy a house and pay off debt, or maybe because it is the only way that you can live, as there are no other means in order to purchase your own apartment or house. No matter the situation, you have to be fully aware of your legal obligations, rights and responsibilities in order to be fully compliant as a landlord or a tenant. If a tenant has a problem with a certain aspect of the property, a landlord is obliged to look into that problem and find a quick and effective resolution. If this is not achieved, a dispute can arise.

Having legal assistance in the form of landlord/tenant dispute solicitors is a real help in situations such as this. A problem with a rented property can become a challenging problem for all parties involved. In many cases there is a dispute due to a problem with the landlord, rather than the property itself, and this could be down to the fact that a property is not in the condition it was expected to be in prior to moving in as a tenant, that there is a maintenance and repair issue that isn’t being resolved in a fast and effective manner, or that a tenant’s financial and employment circumstances have changed and they are no longer in a position to pay the rent and/or bills on time.

In some cases where a dispute has reached a level either party is not comfortable with, the landlord may seek possession of the property. If you are a tenant in dispute with your landlord it is advisable to acquire legal assistance. A professional solicitor with experience in the area of tenant and landlord disputes will be in a good position to help you understand your rights should a possession notice be served upon you, to represent you in Court to defend against eviction warrants and possession proceedings, advise on repair and maintenance issues and legal responsibilities, as well as represent you in disputes over Tenancy Deposit Schemes and other property management issues.

As a landlord, legal advice can assist you in disputes with your tenant that relate to giving notice to a tenant and obtaining possession of the property, recovering rent arrears, registering deposits in the relevant and legal manner, advising on legal obligations relating to specific repairs and maintenance issues and how to comply with Local Authority health and safety standards and regulations.